An Introduction


Some things begin profoundly. This journal is not one of those things.

That’s not to say that what we post here won't sometimes be inspiring, insightful, or relevant. But if it is, it will probably be accidental. The topics will vary, but we intend for this to be a place to show and talk about the subjects we like, or are fascinated by, regardless of era, discipline, or medium. Call it curation if you want. Or just call it a blog. We are in the process of finding a unique voice as creatives, as communicators, and as a company — and this journal is a public extension of that.

Our desire for Hundredweight is to try things, fail, try more things, hopefully find some successes, and love the process. We are excited to discover, learn and connect. In all of it, we hope you join us.



Philip and Seth

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