Roos van Dijk

I execute my work in a precise, diligent way, inclined to a formal style, creating sharp dancing patterns of colour, light and shadow, and bringing a linear clarity into the rush of modern life.

Roos van Dijk is an explorer of the minimal, recreating impressions of modern architecture on canvas in abstracted, pleasing compositions. Her process moves from a literal photograph to what she calls 'hard edge' paintings, in which she tries to recall the viscerally unique qualities of the buildings she has experienced. Working in acrylic paint on canvas, the playfulness of color is contrasted by the perfection of perspective and light.

Van Dijk's most recent work has transitioned further into the isolation of architectural form and pattern from her successful and more literal abstractions of architecture. The growing complexity only heightens the intrigue of her compositions, where the building form seems to be just beyond the border of the canvas and sneaks it's way back in as a shadow form, as if to ground the experience for the viewer in van Dijk's own mind. It is this representation of light that elevates the visual understanding beyond just pattern and into place — into event.


These recent compositions were inspired by van Dijk's time in Kosice, Slovakia where she spent a season as an artist in residence. The blocky socialist-era apartment buildings with their fields of pastel colors, grids of balconies, and patterns of windows were the perfect intrigue to move beyond the grand modern architecture that had served as her previous source material.

It is the sublime repetition of forms that, in my experience of the scene is switching back and forth between the considered reality of the building and an abstract composition of lines and figures.

Currently living in Amsterdam, you can find Roos van Dijk and more of her work online at and on twitter @Roos_van_dijk.


Composed by Philip De Jong / Hundredweight